23 as I write this at non… no breeze to speak of..

It got cold enough to mess up the pump in the old house, so there was no water to the corrals or at Chances last night.. the boys put a couple heaters around it and this morning it still wasn’t working.. we went to prime it and when we took the gauge off, water shot out, so we knew it didn’t need primed.. just on the off chance it might’ve changed something, we went ahead and turned it sputtered a couple times and took off! Praise the Lord.

The hydrants worked, but the water inlet in the tank for the livestock was froze up so we got buckets of hot water ad poured over it, twice and still it was froze up.. so we fond our little steamer, I made some years back, Chance went and got a propane bottle filled while I started feeding.. he got it fired up and in just a little bit we had water at the tank! Them little steamers will really cut the everything fed and access to water and it is a nice day!

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