Bit nippy out there this morning.. 0 when I looked…and still wind. Ahh, the wind..on the up side, I just read on Facebook , a story that claimed the extreme cold might keep the Emerald Ash Borer , a little bug that is supposed to kill all our Ash trees, at bay. So… we got that going for us!

Took Cindy in to the Doc yesterday.. they said she has some kind of pneumonia. Gave her some pills. She sez’ she ain’t feeling any better, yet, this morning. I bet she will in a few days.

I went and watched Lige play some basketball last night. His team lost. But to be fair, the other team really played well and kind of had them on height. I am supposed to take him to Faith this evening for another game. The windchills supposed to be down below 0 quite a ways on the way home… seems so silly to me that they have these events when the weather gets this cold. But we all just drive and go. Amazes me that more people don’t get hurt and frozen. I guess the Good Lord looks after drunks, and fools.

Stay warm!

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