Got up about 50 today and water is running this afternoon… pretty cool!

Cindy has been sick for awhile now and is finally getting better. She can smell things again! She is pretty excited about that. We ran in to town today to get more pellets for the stove, groceries and a beef we had butchered.. so it’s steak for supper tonight, we will see if the ol’ girl we butchered is good eating! We split her with Tate and Kass.

Chance and kids worked on putting some hot wire around some stacks as we plan on moving cows back down south tomorrow.. there is lots of grass left down there.. but we were afraid they might want to eat hay instead. We drove around and checked the fence down there.. we need to put a gate stick on a broken one.. and shut a few gates, but shouldn’t be a problem.

Chance and kids went around the hog pasture fence and we turned the calves out in there and put the thin bunch in with them.. we need to get some protein for them.. not sure yet what it will be, but something to go along with their hay.

We had a couple bulls and fence crawlers in the corral with the calves and needed to sort them off, so Gus helped me do that until Chance and crew came to help us. They will have to stay in the corral, but we are betting the cow will be out by morning.. she is a rip and needs sold, but ain’t worth much.. guess we could make her in to hamburger, but that ain’t much better.

Oh well, sure am enjoying this nice weather while it lasts! And I always like seeing that water run down the creeks and draws. Supposed to get cold again starting Sunday night.

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