Well, we had a great time in Hulett. Chuck Larsen and Paul Larson and I had did a show out there this afternoon. D & K rode out with Cindy and I and we had a great visit all the way out and back. they all said they enjoyed the show. We stopped in Spearfish on the way home and had supper.. the roads had some snow and ice on them out there in the hill country.. interstate and 34 were fine. Some snow on the gravel, but not bad on the Red Owl road, a pretty good sized drift on the Stonveville road. hence did the feeding and then went to the Stockshow, I guess.. Fr Tyler will be home sometime tomorrow for a late Birthday celebration. Supposed to get fairly warm tomorrow and then start getting colder with coldest on Tuesday or Wednesday, last I looked.. haven’t checked it for awhile. We shall endeavor to perserver.