Friday, Jan, 25, 19

Got pretty chilling, night before last. Around zero… bit windy and not real warm yesterday but then warmed up into the 20’s in the night and supposed to stay that way today and warmer tomorrow and Sunday.

Headed over to Hulett, tomorrow for a gig there in the afternoon. Sounds like D and K are going to ride along. We will need t take the pickup s Cindy’s penchant for staying warm has about run us out of pellets… not sure what’s the deal with that!

Sam had his 11th birthday yesterday.. so he and Gus are the same age for the next month or so.. Irish twins..10 months apart in age. They helped me feed this morning.. and of course, Bitty.. she always thinks she has to go along. Because she is a “cow eating wonder”… in her estimation, anyway!

He got a pistol for his birthday so we need to make him a holster..and probably go see if we can hit a can or something…

Supposed to get colder and real windy into the start of next week. It is the big Stockshow in Rapid and I was supposed to go meet friends, but with what they are calling for weather I may not make it.. going place in below zero windchill has lots it’s appeal t me, some time back.

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