Tate and I took off about 3 am on Monday and headed for Sioux Falls.. got there in time for my flight to Orlando to where Chance had been working.. the work he was doing in hurricane recovery had dried up so he was headed home.. I got a fairly cheap flight so I could ride back with him, to help him drive and keep him awake.. we decided to take a different route than he had taken down when he first went, so we went west into the upper part of Florida and angled across, Georgia and Mississippi and into Arkansas and then north thru’ Missouri and Iowa and into South Dakota… We left on Monday right after my flight got there about 2:30 pm their time.. we made it to Hazen, Georgia the first night and got a room and were in bed and asleep about 9:30. The net day we headed towards Little Rock with plans to eat some good barbecue along the way.. we stopped off in Montgomery Alabama, birth place of Hank and Elvis, if I recall correct and had great BBQ. Stopped in a small town along the way so I could get a pocket knife as I couldn’t take one with me on the plane and I felt naked without one on me… a friend from the internet called me and said he wasn’t too far from Little Rock so said we’d call and try to hook up… never could get him to call me back and we passed up spending time in Memphis for some Delta Blues music and missed seeing another friend who would have met us for lunch. Dang it… sorry Brian, we will bet to your country eventually and hang around for awhile.. towards night our Google on the phones route moved us off the interstate and on to a smaller two road because of traffic, must have been an accident as they had traffic backed up for miles.. we finally got back on the interstate but it was bumper to bumper and the ;lights were killing us, so we stopped short of Little Rock… motel had a good Mexican restaurant next door we ate supper in.. again, in bed asleep by 9:30.. we could have gotten an earlier start but Chance had let his glasses on the table the night before so had to wait for them to open at 8 to get them was nice traveling so we could see… we had rain the night before so the reflection had been terrible.. but in daylight the clouds started to life and we saw some pretty country… we pushed hard to get to KC before rush hour and made it tho’ it was kind of hard to tell.. pulling a 16 foot triple axle trailer with wobbly 8 feet side walls makes it a lot harder to whip thru’ traffic, but Chance said after the traffic in Miami it was no big deal.. of course I was doing a great job of navigating.. once we got north of KC I drove for a ways and gave Chance a little rest.. we switched back just north of Sioux City at a fuel stop… Chance drove until Chamberlin and I took it from there to a rat stop outside of Kadoka where we swapped back.. we found wind in SD of course and it made a dramatic difference in our mileage.. we had been getting close to 11 miles to the gallon and it dropped to 5 and 6 when we turned west and had a cross wind.. found snow when we got to Kadoka but not heavy.. stopped in Philip for one last fuel up and got home at 2:30 am.. we were both shot and still trying to catch up on our sleep.. it was a grand adventure and glad I went down and rode back.. seen country I had never seen before and had a great time..

2 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. It was nice to enjoy your little videos along the way. I sure love traveling through the South and they put me in mind of some of our trips. Glad you made it home okay.

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