Last Friday we had a man come out bringing a new to us pellet stove… he had worked on ours a couple times and the place he worked for always encouraged us to just buy a new stove as they were so much better.. in conversation, with the man who installs and works on them, he had told me they had a good used one.. so when he came out to work on ours, he brought it along.. figured out what was not working right on the older one and we decided, seeing as he had went to the trouble of bringing this other, more up to date stove out, we would just have him install it and move the older one to the basement… he got it all installed and it was burning.. we had to leave to go to the Cowboy Christmas Concert to practice and told him we would be gone all weekend, no problem, it was all hooked up to a thermostat, just leave it on medium heat and go, it would be fine.. we left and were planning on coming home on Sunday morning but things worked different so we just same home Saturday night.. we got home about midnight, opened the door and the house was so full of smoke you couldn’t see across the room! Cindy went to opening doors and windows while I put the vaccine cleaner on the sot on the stove where the smile was boiling out, after I had unplugged it… what a mess, we threw water on it and eventually got it to stop smoking.. it was about 36 degrees out, but we slept with a door open and fresh air blowing from a fan on us, and it was still hard to sleep, didn’t do much sleeping, matter of fact… next morning I called the owner of the store where it came from.. we made arrangement for the installer to come out on Monday and reinstall our old stove.. he hauled the burnt up one away.. much to my insurance adjusters dismay when she showed up yesterday.. I had taken video pictures of it on Sunday morning….. we have machines to run when we are not here to clean up the smoke smell and there will be a crew coming to clean the smoke from all over the house…we do not know for sure what happened to the stove to cause the problem but Cindy is ready to give up on wood stoves… I want a gas furnace/fire[place to replace it, but can’t find any I can afford… different neighbors have offered us places to stay during the clean up, but I think we can just work around the crew, but it’s nice to know you have good neighbors who will put you up if needed… so if you see us, be prepared to smell smoke as we are not to clean anything  but to let the crew do it.. all at once.. I am not sure what I am supposed to wear for a good coat while the others are being cleaned, or who will clean my hats.. and what to wear while they are being cleaned.. maybe the insurance will buy me a new hat and coat?  Hahahahahahaha

3 thoughts on “Hmmmm….

  1. What a mess! Natural gas would sure as heck be easier, once the initial clout to your wallet passes. I was reminiscing this morning about home heating in the winter when we were kids, and remembering a chimney fire that had all us kids standing out in the cold while dad dismantled the stove pipe that led from the kitchen stove, across the next room and over to the chimney shared with the oil furnace. They threw water in the stove so the steam would help put the fire out. Mostly we had oil furnaces, big ugly contraptions in the living room, and the kitchen stove was always a wood stove. I still use wood heat to this day. Carefully.

  2. We love our outdoor wood stove! Matt refuses to get rid of it, even though it is tough to get wood cut and split by winter. A lot of work but so much cheaper for us. I sure feel sorry for the smoke damage though, it has to be tough have to smell it and then of course cleaning up after it. My prayers go out to you!

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