Brr double rrr

Coldish and gonna get worse.. High barely above zero today they say and in a couple days the high is supposed to be below zero and the low in the 20 plus below range.. takes a lot of feed to keep cows warm in this weather…

Was a pall bearer for Ardis Smiley.. the funeral was yesterday.. as we laid her coffin in the grave sand the preacher was praying the last rites a flock of geese flew over head and honked.. it was beautiful on a cold gray day// She would have liked that.. She was a woman who took delight in many things and enjoyed the wonder of this world.. she and her husband raised up some fine children and that is probably her best testimony… wish I had told her how special she was… might be a good reminder to tell people who are special to us, to tell them.. not wait until it’s too late..

Hope we all have a great New Year..

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