Just a touch of fall I the air, out there today, snow and a slight breeze up to and over 50 mph, they claim… I got the cattle fed behind protection last night.. all but the bulls.. they are usually behind the windbreak at night anyway.. of course, most weren’t this morning.. found some off east aways…Tate and I went down with two pickups and they had come back to the shelter belt north of Tate’s so we fed them a bug square bale I had loaded on my pickup.. there are a few at the corral.. and the horses knocked down a gate and are standing south of the new house in that shelter belt.. I did give the cows another couple bales and will go out and give them some more before dark.. I guess winter is here.. with a bang!

5 thoughts on “Wheeeeeoowww

  1. Dennis, I found your blog many years ago. You had commented about on a website I joined. I can’t remember the name but it was a site for ranchers and farmers. There were forums with different catergories and you had to be granted permission to join which I had. It’s been several blown computers and a severe wreck that took too many years to recover from. Do you still belong to it and could you send me the web address please?

    1. Lisa, that site is no longer going… it has been transferred over to Facebook… look me up on there and I can get you in the group

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