Tis the season

Of the flu bug, it seems.. wasn’t feeing the best on Thursday and by Thursday night  I realized I had the scours… dang.. and no bolus pills the right size! Cindy babied me as best she could with 6 grandkids here…. I stayed away from them as best I could.. I hate passing on sickness.. what is it with people who get a cold or the flu and go out and seem to be around people more than when they are not sick? Anyway, it is much better this morning.. matter of fact, it was better by last night, but I am not much of a gambler, so was carful…

Had a feller die, who in his mind, probably didn’t know he made much of an impact in my life.. he probably wasn’t aware of the impact he made in most peoples lives… great guy, fun to be around, told funny stories and was pretty sharp to boot.. I will be going to his funeral today and am sure that the building they hold it in will be maxxed out to over flowing.

I hope I make as much of an impact on others lives around me… Dad told of a guy who passed away and said that there sure were a lot of people at the funeral, about half were there to make for sure he was dead! That is not the kind of crowd I want… remember, you are making an impact on peoples lives you are around..try and make it a good one. It costs nothing to smile and say Hello and be pleasant.. or to give some time to those around you. We have lots of time, don’t we? Lets share it with those who need it. A kindness is never wasted.

2 thoughts on “Tis the season

  1. Love you all! Love your message today. Just got the belt, fits great!! No one else has anything like it. I just got a pr of corduroys will look cool with . Hope you are feeling better Robert. That Cindy is a saint already. Sorry so far behind in my chores. Gotta get those fam reunion photos to you. Had so much fun! Gotta call Myrtle, Lois, etc. Take care. XO


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