Not much new

Got a skift of snow yesterday morning.. didn’t amount to much..feeding the cattle a little hay once in awhile to try and stretch the short grass we have, ..Gabe went wrestling yesterday afternoon and pinned 3 opponents… the other kids all had B Ball.. they played good.. didn’t really pay attention to who won or lost.. doesn’t really matter, as long as they are trying.. it always amazes me how they come along and get better, year to year.. kind of like watching young colts get more confidence and better as they get older and more experience.. been trying to get some leather work done, but seems like there is always something else comes up.. I did make it east river to get another trailer load of hay..sure like the way this dually handles those loads..had a deer run into me one evening when I was coming home after dark a few weeks ago.. I was going slow but the deer didn’t care, bam, right into the side on a dually fender… didn’t even kill the deer..took it to a body shop and got an estimate to fix that and a couple other dings and dents.. looks like I will be getting a flatbed for it.. cheaper and really more handy.. Mick Harrison came out yesterday wanting a leather project done for him.. we are going to trade some leather work for some art work.. good trade!

2 thoughts on “Not much new

    1. Glad you like it! You get tired of living there, come visit and stay for a week or a month..or whatever you think you can stand us..

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