Worked calves

Yesterday. Delbert came over and helped.. we had 5 grandkids saddled up and they all helped..Tate and Chance and Hope and I all rode also, so we took the field with a large and wild contingent and the wild bovine never stood a chance! Went good.

Chance and the adults plus Gabe sorted at the gate we normally sort at while I had my minions at the other corral and we sorted some cows off and then set them up and pushed the rest into the other corral so they could get sorted off.. calves looked bigger and better than I thought they would.. they got two shots and poured.. had a couple or three who had some small horns so we bobbed them off.. well, on the char cross calves anyway, we never did anything to the Corry calves but have them go thru’ the chute…was going to cut the bulls calves but left them to get a better base on their horns..then Cindy and I took off for Philip for a birthday part that a buddies sister was having and he asked us to come down, eat a steak with them and then play music, so we did, had a great time! Finger are sore this morning… but it’s a good kind of sore!

One thought on “Worked calves

  1. Hello from Nebraska. We visited with you on our way out here in Spring 2015. Please tell Cindy I would love to send her some stories, and if she’d like them I can email her a few! Thanks to you both for your warm hospitality and blessing us with your family life. I was very moved by Cindy’s faith. Wes and I did sell that saddle we brought, and he’s making holsters now. We are living in the area where Wes’s birthmother’s people lived way way back so he’s related to many folks, he just doesn’t know them!

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