Long day

Up before daylight, got Mijo saddled and loaded and drove north about 45 miles, we gathered the pairs and yearlings and got the calves stripped off and then I shoved al the calve thru’ the chute while they gave 3 shots and pour on… 1:30 before we were done and the vet showed up to preg… we ate a quick bit and then back to the cattle, got them all pegged and sorted as they wanted them and then kicked the yearlings and dries out  and let the pairs go back to the pasture they were in.. dark by the time we were done, nice day, almost too warm.. cattle were so gentle you couldn’t hardly get them to move and dang sure no respect for a man on horseback or a foot.. I like gentle cattle but I want them to move off when I tell them and not run back over the top of me… oh well, it paid good… and it is done…

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