Shipping time

Helped a neighbor on Thursday and another on Friday to ship their calves, windy and cool both days, looks like fall is here… hope winter holds off, not much grass left but what there is, isn’t very tall, so would like to get it before it is covered with snow… Cindy and I went to town the other day and she got herself a new vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee.. drives and rides nice and gets good fuel economy… it looks about like all the other SUV’s, only thing I am not crazy about.. easy to get in and out of and I can wear my hat while driving or riding in it..

Got more cattle to ship on Monday and help a neighbor work cattle on Tuesday… one of these days we are going to need to work some calves if we can find a day that works for everyone..

While in town yesterday afternoon, we drove up Spearfish canyon and then on to Deadwood.. found a friend who was their for the music deal going on so had a nice visit and ate some supper then stopped in Scooptown for groceries and came home.. doesn’t take much to amuse us old people..

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