Warmed back up

We had a nice stretch of color weather but it stopped yesterday and they are saying it will be a warm weekend..

I got some chinking done in the mud room today, I forgot how bad it wears me out.. need to finish one wall but have to wait for this to dry so I can move stuff..

We got cattle in the other day and sorted off some that needed branded and I am sure glad that is done.. big job, but went well..

I had to run to Rapid day before yesterday and get a new hearing aid as I lost one while we were working cattle.. my guy, Norman, at Mountain Plains Audiology always treats me so good, ended up with a new set and sure didn’t cost too bad.. Cindy said she didn’t care what they cost, she hates it when I don’t have them or wear them.

While out checking cows the other evening we found some more plums so Hope and the kids and I went and picked them then she and Cindy made jelly.. you can’t have too much wild plum jelly!

We got some gigs coming up.. Ft Pierre next weekend, then Valentine the last weekend and Alzada on that Sunday… They’ve invited Gus to come play so we’ve all been practicing a bit..

Hope the cooler weather come back and I’d sure take several inches of rain if anyone wants to send some..

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