Sept 2nd today… where did the summer go?

Chance and I went and helped a neighbor the other day who had to move cattle because of the drought.. he was told he had to move his cattle, at the last minute, so us and some others went over to a big pasture on the gumbo and spent all day looking for and sorting his cattle off from a bunch of other cattle..pens there were not good enough to gather all the cattle and sort at the corral so we just worked them out easy and drove them to the pens.. we never found them all but got the majority of them.. long day.. Gus went with us and had his first taste of a long cowboy day.. he rode his new horse, Remmy and both got along great.. Chance and I each took two horses so could swap out, so it wasn’t too bad.. probably rode over 15 miles for sure.. we got the cattle all hauled away and then worked the cows and calves under lights…

Chance and Hope and I went to Eagle Butte last night for their bronc match.. had a great time, good broncs and riders… knew most of them by reputation.. a feller named Chase Miller from Texas won it..

Been pretty warm but supposed to cool off the first of next week.. we need to brand some cows so hope to get it done on one of the cooler days.

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