Tho the calendar tells me it is still summer, it isa fall for us… working calves, cooler temps…

Cindy and I drove to Ft Pierre to go to their Heritage Festival, on Friday.. Chance, Hope and kids went also. Chance, Gus and I were to perform… went good, Gus did a great job.. Addy Bear rode along with us so I taught her a short little poem to tell the crowd, she did good and they loved it..I had to host all the day sessions and we had a great jam session on Friday night in the lobby of the motel we were all staying in, along with all the other performers…

Cindy and I took her Nitro in to get an estimate from deer damage on it and did a few other things in the Hills, yesterday.

Cooler and windy today and supposed to stay that way this week… I need to get back east and get a load of hay or two that I bought.. need Chances trailer tho’ and he’s been using it building fence..

I should go out in the wind and move some cattle today..

As always, we sure could use a good rain… normally we get at least 10 inches, evening a dry year and I think we are less than 7 right now.. sure hope the rest gets here before it comes as snow, but afraid we will get some this winter… we need it to fill dams and recharge water underground, but I am not looking forward to it..and it can rain enough in the spring to do all that…it just seldom seems to happen that way..

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