Cool this morning but warming up fast.. got .50 hundreds the other night so it’s a bit muggy…

Went out and performed at Devils Tower on Friday and Saturday night.. nice little crowd and very receptive.. good time. They were doing their Ride a Horse Feed a Cowboy fund raiser at Hulett so got in on the fun, real good broncos and bull match..

I got the horses in early this morning and us menfolk rode out and moved cows and shut gates on the cattle.. the cattle have grass it’s just a matter of how long it will last..

Need to go help a neighbor tomorrow and the net day as he has to sort his cows off from a big area with other peoples cattle and move them.. going to be hot dry work..

We picked plums the other day so Hope and Cindy made jelly yesterday until Cindy had to leave to go to work.. got quite a bit, also some grape jelly Cindy made a week or so ago.. the girls still have juice and need to make it into jelly as they ran out of jars and lids…

Hoping it cools back off but when you see what is going on in the south with all the rain and flooding down there, it’s really pretty hard to complain..

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