Than it has been for awhile… got some showers, nothing huge but it is helping the country side to green up a bit..went down on the river for AR last week.. had a good time, got to hang out with people we don’t see too often.. had to come back for Bob Smiley’s funeral on Saturday. 92 years, he had…not sure if I want to last that long…Cindy Mae a little chokecherry jelly a few weeks ago when there were some… we have a few wild plums but they are not quite ripe yet… sure hope we get some, plum jelly is the best, as far as I am a gig this Friday and Saturday night out at Devils Tower.. there also have an event going on at Huellet, so I might have to check it out… not much new to tell.. we got some bales hauled in, need more, have some back east that are paid for that I need to go get… we are a bit past 6 inches of rain since Jan 1 so have another 4 coming before Jan 1, according to past records.. I hope it comes as rain and not snow..

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