Went out this morning after checking cows and tore an old section of fence out… that used up most of the morning.. I needed to gather and sort some cattle and my normal crew was busy.. at stupid things, like school, so decided to just do it myself.. me and Pilgrim went out amongst them.. got them in and sorted off the yearlings into a different corral, kicked a mama and her calf and some steers back with the pair bunch and moved the drop bunch across the road and down into one of the south pastures… they were working at the Red Owl Hall and I was asked to be there so went over and we hung a bunch of sheets up.. hopefully it will help the acoustics… came home and the crew was home from school so Tate and Gabe and Arri Cat and I went out and moved the pairs all up west and tried to locate them on a certain patch.. I will say one thing for these new corrientee cattle from Wyoming, they must have been raised around wolves because when they decide to leave if you think your going to head them, you better be ahorseback and he better have some run in him! Goodness! I was playing ping pong by myself for awhile there.. I had saddled Mijo and he can flat run and it was a good thing! Plumb wore me out.. on the way back I swapped off with Tate and he rode him and I rode Brody.. Brody moves a lot calmer and smoother than Mijo.. might have to steal him back! I am tired!
Cindy and Chance and Hope and kids are taking a mini vacation to Denver so I been hearing how much fun they been having.. that’s ok, cuz I been having fun too!

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