Cool and cloudy

No rain, but it’s coming, had some a couple nights ago.. someone claimed we might have got an inch, I bought a rain gauge in town yesterday so I guess we will see what comes now…. worked on a saddle today, Brad A showed up this afternoon and kept me company while I was working on it… got the fork covered and carved/stamped… not a lot left to do, need more days like this.. found a plant today id forgot about finding last year, houndsstooth.. not good stuff, so I need to go spade it up tomorrow before it spreads any more.. it’s in an old hay corral.. not sure where it came from but it’s toxic to cattle, tho’ they claim they seldom eat it.. sure don’t need any of it growing, tho’ it has pretty flowers… also got a lot of burdock.. guess I will have to rig up a sprayer and get after that too…

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