Colt, cows and trailer…

I spoke for a yearling colt from Vern and Laurie Ward this later winter, finally went to town yesterday to get him… I have been having some issues with my old stock trailer so went to Carl’s to pay a bill and found a newer one in lots better shape, so made a trade.. the old one cost me $1000 for the 15 years I used it, not counting tires and fixing… I didn’t think that was too bad.. we went out to V and L’s and had a great visit, loaded the yearling and headed out.. went around by Newell and then on 212 over to Larry S’s and looked at some heifer pairs I’d spoken for.. his son delivered them last night.. so Gabe came up this morning along with most of his siblings, and we went and branded the cows after checking cattle, then we caught up the colt and messed with him.. I had worked with him a little last night.. plain jane sorrel, think he will go by Booger Red until another name fits him…we got his front feet trimmed and at the end he had thrown himself and we did it while he was laying down.. never done that before, heard it was awkward and they were right.. think we will go move some cattle this afternoon… gonna get warm today…

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