Me and Pilgrim went out to move some pairs around this morning, hardly got out of tyne yard and he picked up a hole at a fast trot… he skidded his face for quite a ways on the ground before he went down..slammed me pretty hard and rolled up on my leg.. I sure seen stars.. weird as he is real watch about holes in thew ground, heck, maybe he just stubbed a toe.. I managed to hold him with the get down in my belt… poor ol’ feller was plumb ashamed of himself.. he’d gotten a bunch of grass under his bosalita, he slid on his face so far… I finally quit seeing stars but was really hurting in my left shoulder.. I finally got back on, moved the cows thru’ the gate. reset gates and decided i better go get it checked out… came in and took a shower and Gramma hauled me to the clinic, bent but not broken.. I am eating pain pills, over the counter, they are helping.. got a branding tomorrow and I am sure me and Pilgrim will both be sore.. Cindy and a couple of grandkids went with me this evening and we tagged some calves, big stout buggers and they are barely licked off…

4 thoughts on “Dang

  1. Wow! Glad you are just bruised a bit!
    Poor Pilgram, know he’s gonna be sore too. Guessing he might like some limanent himself! Guessing that ground is still pretty cold and hard yet!
    Have a good branding!

    1. He came thru’ fine, I wasn’t as sore as i thought I’d be and no, the ground is not frozen, heck it looks like Ireland around here, all green grass and stuff. The branding went real well.

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