Spring days

Cows calving, so need to tag and kick out pairs, bran dings, trees being planted grass growing, fence needing fixed.. trailer tires needed replaced and repaired… same old same old as every spring, like always we could use a good rain, but the grass is growing, tho’ it seems slow as always.. when I checked cows out east this morning, there was a whole bunch of pairs off by themselves close to the gate going west, so I opened it, got behind then and sure enough a smart ol’ cow and her calf headed for it and led the others out.. pretty easy to move a bunch that way.. I’d sorted off most of the drop bunch who hadn’t calved a few days ago and kicked them south, so been having to check two pastures.. not handy.. so this afternoon, I saddled Hub and Pilgrim and led Hub and kicked the rest of the pairs out, that were out east and then kicked the uncalved ones south, Tate came along at the right time and set gates for me to cross the road, so I had that going for me… 😀  Poor little Hub had to lope to keep up with Pilgrim’s trot.. hauling a couple steers to the sale tomorrow and hopefully a couple of these horses who never have gotten any use out of… hate to sell them, but we seldom ride mares and they are just wasting grass… hope someone needs them…

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