Yee Haw

I was at Jones branding on Friday and asked Eric what he was doing the next day. He said he and Chas were headed to Miles City to the Bucking Horse Sale.. I told him I’d thought of going to Sheridan for the Leather  doings, and had always wanted to go to Miles City for that event, so he said to come along.. Cindy couldn’t go but grudgingly said I could. They picked me up about 1 in the afternoon and we headed out. Nice trip and good visit, got there about 6 and went to the arena and hung out. Hooked up with their friends and relatives who we were going to spend the night with, went up town where they had Main street blocked off with 3 bands playing. We went up into an old hotel and ate prime rib, pretty late, then hung out and finally quit about 1.. found the house went in and crashed and started up again about 7:30 the next morning.. all kinds of people were staying at the house, Eric slept on a couch upstairs, Chas slept on one downstairs and I unrolled my bedroll on the floor and tossed and turned until time to get up.. went to a casino and had a Bloody Mary to start the day right after breakfast then  back to the fairgrounds for the bronc match and racing.. it was a blast.. never saw anyone unhappy or on the fight, everyone was having a great time.. when it was all done, we went to a Mexican restaurant and ate supper and left about 7:30 and got home about 12:30… I drove.. I like to drive… if you ain’t been there, you owe it to yourself to go, at least once.. I’d like to take Cindy up next year as they have lots of horse races in between the broncs and she loves horse racing.. first I’d ever seen other than on TV and it is quite a rush… I’d like to buy the last horse across the line and make a saddle horse out of one of them big TB, big smooth cats!

When we checked cow this evening we found a calf who was lost from his mother, so brought him home..Cindy fed him half a bottle of milk while Chance and I went back to finish checking.. we found his Mom, and weren’t sure if she’d kicked him off or what so took the calf back out and the dart gun and give her something to make her sleepy, laid the calf down and here she come and wanted him, so we untied him and he jumped up and went to sucking while she just stood there with a dreamy look on her face.. we opened some gates and let some pairs cross the road to go north.. came home and trying to catch up with what I missed while we were gone..

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