Beautiful day

KInd of cold and snowy this morning, but no wind.. by this afternoon it was just mud and green grass. Had three new babies out there this morning… got another one about mid morning.. pretty big day for no more than are supposed to be calving.. everybody was fine.. I fed out behind the house and then went out horseback and brought the rest in. Chance joined me before i was done… went back out this afternoon and tagged and kicked a couple of pairs out and a cow who had left her calf up the creek, kicked the rest of the drop batch back out east where they belong, then rode and checked on the pairs, they were all fine.. rode out the creek and pasture to make sure there wasn’t any problem, came in and got Gramma and the tractor and we took a bale up to the pairs. Worked on the forge for awhile, made probably the best half of a set of tongs I’ve ever made, so it’s getting better. We completely cleaned all the old coal and junk out of the forge and started over with fresh coal and when we went to draw a forge weld it worked great… I ordered more and we are going to need it.. the boys didn’t understand that you have to clean all the clinkers out or your just wasting coal… we drove down to Punkin Center and fueled up this evening then over to Nellies for supper. Chance and Hope and the kids were there so we all ate together.. heard some news from neighbor.. when we got home a couple of fence crawlers were out so I went out and worked Bit on them.. she is doing good for just a 5 month old pup.. need to get a better handle on her, but she is still pretty young.. wish i had a few head of easy sheep to work her on..Tate worked on plumbing and had to run to town to get more for the house and do some other odds and ends.. I got a little leather work done and some more leather in today, for a set of chaps. Got some saddles i need to repair for some people. Seems like there is always plenty to do…

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