Kind of a blizzard?

We’ve had rain and snow and wind for the past few days… nothing real fierce… we gathered all the calving cows and kept them in the lane behind shelter belts, but yesterday evening the cows were tired of being locked up.. they got the gate open and let themselves into the small pasture where the new house sets.. so i fed them some more hay and left them, didn’t seem like they’d hurt anything.. this morning at daylight when i went to check, they had got a gate open and were mostly back up west along the creek, so i drove and checked, no new calves,,, wish I could leave them up there, but there is too much water alongside steep creek banks and sure as heck some cow will calve alongside a creek and the new calf will go for a chilly swim before the calf is able to swim… I hate dead calves.. later on, we will bring them back with hay and horses and put them back out east where we don’t have to worry about steep creek banks…. we went to a jam/ open mic at the neighbors on Saturday evening.. had a good time. Then Chance and Hope had several families over after Mass yesterday. More music and visiting.. getting quite a few branding’s on the calendar.. Tate had an appointment at the VA today so no house work for awhile today. I need to finish up some chaps and order leather for another pair for a guy who stopped in on Friday and got measured… need to get back out to the forge and do some more also. Seems like there is plenty of things to keep me busy around here, not to mention some fencing.. but then there is always some fencing to do… I lost my hearing aid awhile back.. I’d stuck it in a shirt pocket when the battery went dead.. snapped it in and everything, so i wouldn’t lose it.. washed shirts and realized I had forgotten to get it out.. checked all my shirts, nope, no hearing aid.. this morning when I put on a clean shirt.. there it was.. i put a new battery in and it works! Cool.

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