One thing and another

Cindy and I did a calf check yesterday morning, caught Crackerjack and loaded him, a saddle and chaps and headed to Dustin’s. We left Crackie for awhile for Dustin to train on and brought Hub home.. he put about 45 days on him and he’s pretty nice… he could do about anything offs him he wanted. I’d hoped to ride him today, but woke up real early and couldn’t go back to sleep for awhile and when I did wake up the second time realized I’d picked up a cold.. so i been eating L Lysine, Echinasia and Airborn, along with a cold pill and my Tureric I take every day.. felt snotty all day, took a nap and didn’t rest good.. didn’t do much other than the chores.. we had another set of twins today… so Gramma has two bottle babies unless something loses a calf and we can graft it on.. I hear there are quite a few twins.. both of these sets were heifer calves.. Tate too Gabe and Lige to State Shooting sports. sounds like Gabe did good and Lige had some bad luck. oh well, there is always next year. Chance takes Gus down on Sunday for his meet at State.. they are held in Pierre or Ft Pierre, I don’t remember what they said, tonight we went out and forged for awhile.. I’d like to build quite a few things for the new house.. got to cut back on expenses somewhere!!! We are all getting quicker at drawing a heat and hammering stuff out.. if I ever remember I will take some photos to post… windy today and supposed to get a little tomorrow and then 5 days of a good chance for rain, so I hope we get a bunch. Our first branding to go to is supposed to be on Friday..


Dustin saddling Hub to show me what he can do, with his new saddle… we raised Hub, he will be 4 in June…

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