Slight breeze

Only up around 60 mph.. scattered a bunch of our boards up by the new house and we were hauling them in, fighting the wind. Real good day to do an explanation of how airplanes fly, I’d think… or to fly a kite!

Got the rest of the boards up in the ceiling of the dining room/ living room. Started putting up board on the gable end, inside, west wall. 16 foot roof cut pine.. kind of heavy. Tate cut and handed them up to the loft area and Gramma and I put them up.. until we’d screw up and he’d have to come fix it! 😀

Chance and Hope helped this morning and Chance for awhile this afternoon, at least until we got done with the ceiling.. Chance cut and handed up to me and Tate and Hope.. Hope doesn’t mind height, after she gets there but isn’t fond of the getting up and down! And Gramma flat refuses to come up and play, no matter how much I begged her! Addy Bear ran up and down and fetched things when she could… Gramma would come up in the loft area and hand cut boards on up to us… Bit wasn’t much help at all. I had cows get back out into a pasture where I didn’t want them , so I drove out to check and took Bit along and she got to chase cows.. she sure thinks she’s tuff.. good thing them cows bluff easily.

Tate and I worked on a bench and made us a peeling horse.. you set on it, and it holds a stick or small log so you can easily peel it.. we will be peeling lots of sticks to use on the bannisters…

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