I about tipped over..

When I went outside this morning and the wind wasn’t blowing! Amazing….. Cindy and I just came in from going and finding branches and sticks for the rails on the bannister.. cut a bunch of dead diamond willow and then picked up a bunch of rotted off fence posts.. not sure what or where we will use them, or even if, but any should look cool if we do it right.

We got the south half of the ceiling in the bedroom finished yesterday.. we have to wait on the other side until we get all the plumbing done as there are pipes that have to go up and duct work out.. we also finished pitting up boards on the west inside gable wall.. just stacked up ruff cut pine boards and nailed them to the studs.. looks good, if you like rustic… Didn’t have my phone so didn’t get any photo’s..had two new calves this morning.. I had ordered some tags last week, but when they came in they were the wrong kind.. so I dropped them off up near Sturgis and re ordered, when Cindy and I went to town the other day…. hopefully they will get here soon, tho’ some of these mama’s don’t act like they want their calves to wear a pretty, new ear tag..

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