Odds and ends..

We got the wood on half the ceiling in the living/ dining room today. Rick Smiley came over after dinner and helped me and Tate… sure helped a bunch, having someone to cut it and pass it up to us, standing on top of a fake floor on two sets of scaffolding.. kind of a high spot up there! Tate thinks he has a plan for the other side where it is just pen clear to the top… hope it’s a good one!

Some of these lease cows could start calving after April 1 so Cindy and I drove out and checked them last night and tonight.. there is a pretty steep creek with water in it where they are at and I ain’t so sure some of them crows are smart enough not to have one alongside and drop him in the water… gonna have to move them here shortly so we don’t lose any, as cheap as they are, you can’t afford to lose one!

Bit got to help chase a cow in that was out this morning while I was feeding so she is pretty sure she is a sure enough cow dawg! She will learn the errors of her ways, one of these days, but she is little enough yet, I am pretty careful with her… windy today (what’s new?) but it died down this evening and all in all it’s been a real mild winter, never hardly got below zero and not a lot of snow.. I am predicting a dry year, sure hope I’m wrong, but we can’t always have just real wet years…

2 thoughts on “Odds and ends..

    1. Yes, I’ve thought about it, but the cost for fencing would be so high, it would not be very cost effective.. if I had some women from Switzerland who would come and live with them and herd them, I think that would work! 😀

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