It rained last night and this morning we have a skift of snow…. windy and only supposed to get up into the 30’s… I think it’s a good day to work on leather in the shop… We got the north side of the house all chinked the other day when it was warm. Tates had other things going on so hasn’t been able to work on the house a lot this past week.. we got all the cows from up west in yesterday and deloused them and tagged ones that needed it. I ran the head catch and plumb tuckered myself out. Being fat and out of shape is hard on me! 😀

3 thoughts on “Brrrr

    1. Yes, he did. but is doing good… can’t talk but can walk and eat… I am sutra he can use all our prayers.

  1. Yes, winter is still in the air. We are supposed to get down in the 30’s this weekend for a high. Brrr is right. Today and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60’s. Not nice going from 60 to 30 in just a matter of two days 😉 Don’t feel bad, you aren’t the only one, that is fat and out of shape!

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