I went down yesterday, Sunday and met up with far flung friends. We visited and watched the Ranch horse competition… then I went over to the Civic Center and looked at voted with some of the Artists there and wandered around the trade show looking and visiting… sure is a lot of stuff I don’t want to look at or need. I guess most are not there for me! I ate a bite and headed home. today I fed as Chance had other things to do and then helped Tate install a door in the basement of the new house. Not sure what I got planned for this afternoon. this evening Cindy and I are going to go watch the priests of this Dioceses play basketball against the high school kids at St Thomas Moore School. It’s a fund raiser and should be good watching.. I am kind of betting on the kids!

2 thoughts on “Stockshow

  1. Hope the kids win 😉 Matt says we need to come out and see how you did your house. He has been thinking about building one for us, and would rather to it ourselves. I know how it goes though, every time we plan something ahead of time, something seems to throw a wrench into the plans.

    1. Be great if you could come out! We’d enjoy it. Even if it’s short notice, just load up and head this way! I think it will be livable in another month or so, if all goes well. It has a couple extra bedrooms…

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