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Man, it’s been awhile since I last posted… I took a horse and a big bale of hay up to Dustin to ride for awhile, today, wind really blew, 80 some mph up by Buffalo.. we worked on the house yesterday, chinking.. Tate worked on it today and Chance helped Cindy said. Been warm enough there ain’t much snow, a little bit of ice in some creek bottoms.. yard is awful muddy. I haven’t been tasking any pictures, guess i better get some new ones of the house and post them, tho’ it hasn’t changed too much.. most of the windows in, the bridge is covered in the middle of the house, got electrical wires run all over, a tub or shower in each bathroom..just got to get everything hooked up… when it is warm enough we need to be chinking, it doesn’t go real fast..

3 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Thanks Robert – always one of my most favorite cousins!! Remember when we slaughtered the chickens as kids??? One of my first memories is your Dad squirting me from the teat of a milk cow and I fell backwards into the manure trough. I think I was 2. You parents were so much fun and awesome! Good luck with the house – a lot of hard work!! I am OK holding steady or better. praying to see you all next summer! If my back will calm down so we can drive! Gotta go to CO too!!

    Love and Hugs to all!


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