I was taken to task for not posting on here.. not much to post, it warmed up and we have lots of bare ground and ice now.. Tate has been working on the house, it has most of the windows in now and electrical into the house, or at least the wires are there, just need hooked up. We’ve been stringing wire inside and just doing what we can.. I took a wire wheel on the grinder to the walls to get rid of little rough spots, got some more of that to do.. we shipped out some cows today, we had been wintering.. not much else to report. Stockshow is hearer and we will be going in to a few events…the drop the broncride but are having a ranch bronc riding, so at least I’ll get to see some bucking horses… I don’t care for the Ranch rodeo as there ain’t much very ranchy about it… I will be going down to meet up with some far flung friend a day or so.. about all there is to report..

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