We got 5 inches or so and wind.. I didn’t even go out today, I could barely get out of bed and Cindy had to help me get my sock o my bad leg.. I don’t know if I over did it with PT yesterday or what… so I took it easy today and didn’t do much electricity has been off and on since yesterday.. it’s back on now and seems to be holding.. sure appreciate them linemen going out in nasty weather to keep us all warm and lit up. I sure appreciated having two sons here to go do what choring needed to be done.. hope this hip/leg deal resolves it’s self soon… we had good crowds and great performers at Lead last weekend for our Cowboy Christmas… already have the date set for next year.. hope I get to be involved agin.. what a great feeling.. it’s about Christmas, not Happy Holidays… and every performers knows and feels that way.. supposed to get warm this weekend..