Yup, I can’t deny it any longer, it’s winter… probably 6 inches of fresh snow setting on 2 or 3 of old crusted snow.. wind hasn’t drifted it real bad, but our winter grazing has come to pretty much a halt. Been feeding the big bunch hay every day and cake every other day.. they go out and pick a bit, but we are feeding about what they need, so most don’t travel far.. been coolish, down around zero a few nights and up in the teens durning the day.. supposed to get some warming starting Saturday.. maybe see 30 or so… boys dropped the cake feeder and instead of fixing it, I’ve been making a new one.. the old one worked pretty good on the bale wagon for the team but never worked as good on the bale unroller on the back of the tractor.. I have about a 2 and a half foot across plastic tube, real thick, with a big flange of metal on the bottom, so Tate helped me find some boards and got me some bolts and I bolted a bottom of wood on with a small opening that I put a hinged door on… it will set in the front of the loader, so it will be easy to load and then just drive along and let it dribble out the bottom after you pull the latch and open that door.. I’ll check it out tomorrow.. so far, I haven’t fed with the team.. hips and leg still hurting, too many things going on and I been putting it off..I need to put a tongue in a wagon for cake and do some slight changes on the bale wagon I built last year..we are hosting sled riding on New Years day. We had all the family here on Monday for our Family christmas. Ate too much and enjoyed all the people. I haven’t decided on a New Years resolution.. last year I decided to play guitar every day and I didn’t miss too many.. might just keep that going or maybe do some exercises every day.. heck, it’s hard for me to remember to do my PT and it doesn’t seem to be helping very fast… getting’ old ain’t for sissies! If I don’t see you before, have a Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I like your blogs Happy holidays to you all. What is cake? We are fine. Austins band got a contract with ABC to use his bands music

  2. Cake is compressed grain that cows can pick up and eat off the ground.. pretty hard and when it gets in the cows belly it expands… cubes… another name for it..

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