Same old, same old

Hot and now it’s cooled off, had a big wind come thru’ and some rain last night, supposed to be a tornado, but didn’t see any around here… went and helped brand some cal;yes down in the breaks a couple different days.. lost Molly last week, she jumped into the pickup and no one noticed her.. got too hot…. sad deal… got a gig Friday night down at Hill City.. the Hills are buzzing with all the rally doings…about all to write about.. I got some leather work done today.

2 thoughts on “Same old, same old

  1. Sorry to hear about Molly RD. This heat is bad everywhere. Last week we had temps in the 90s with heat index of over 100. At the same time we had 8 inches of rain. Its been raining since spring and the farmers couldnt get all their planting done. Its a good thing last year was so good to them. I think you might get a kick out of the Amish, for the most part they are extremely talented, but they sure are strange to be around.

    Just checking in. The Blindman

    1. Thanks Bill..we have Amish not terribly far away from here and I’ve had some dealings with a guy, good people, from what I’ve done with them… I think I could be Amish if I just didn’t have to shave the mustache off!

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