Spent the day helping Tate on the new house… mostly getting the pump into the well and almost hooked up. Ran out of wire and Tate was missing a piece to hook up to the pressure tank….. then I used the big fork lift to go get some more big rocks for the north east end of the basements retaining wall… seems like we are moving slow, but it is slowly taking shape… Tate and Kass are off to a funeral tomorrow, so will pick up what we need… Chance wanted to plant trees tomorrow but I hate to without a water source for part of them, but then, Cindy and I planted the tomato’s and peppers tonight and the garden was muddy under a dry crust.. hope they all grow..if it’s muddy in the garden, it’s probably wet enough where were going to plant these trees.. we just sod them in with a special tree planter and then there is a ditch so I can water them..the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is TODAY! Neighbor told me that a long time ago and he was right. Got up to 80 or so.. we are not used to the heat yet, if we ever are, but when it’s 100 later on, 80 will look pretty nice.. guess I better get the air conditioners installed… one wasn’t working, hope I can remember which one it was…. another was barely working.. might have to try and find a sale.. not sure if anyone recharges window units or not.. I didn’t spend a lot on these, some years back so maybe I better just get another small one.. the new house is planned to not need a lot and hoping that window units will do the trick.. probably should put in central dirt, but we are going to be lucky to pay off what it’s going to cost to build it as it is.. but with no water in the basement and a stinky stinky house from that, it will be worth it… I hope! 😀

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