Workin’ in the mud

Tate brought Lige down this morning and he and I saddled up and moved cows around.. they were scattered here and there, now they are mostly in two pastures, the ones that have been worked up west and the others down south in the crested.. we need to get the big bunch in and run them thru’ the chute and give breeding shots then move them south and the smaller bunch north… after dinner ( and a nap) I walked out to where the branding had taken place and got the tractor and went up and moved some dirt around a water tank, then came back and loaded left over stuff from branding into the bucket.. when I got back Tate was working on dirt work at the house, so I went and stole the extend fork and went and moved the big panels back into the corral, then helped Tate bury the drain pipe around the outside of the basement, then he went to backfilling with the little Cat and I hauled ands stacked up rock for the dirt work and retaining wall on the south side.. I had enough rock, matter of fact Tate was complaining we are going to have to haul more dirt in, but I’d already figured on that.. just have to get a truck and go to hauling more dirty gravel in… looks better with them big rocks stacked up…

Lige and Beaver


Video of Lige moving pairs.. if you can see it…

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