Got up to 90 or so today, supposed to be in the 70’s tomorrow and some rain in the forecast… Cindy went with me and we went and fixed the creek crossing between the rocky hill pasture and Harry’s.. it ain’t pretty but it ought to work. Amazingly, there weren’t any skeeters..Then we fixed some other fence, drove around and looked at grass and found 2 of my calves, dead.. I blame it on the vaccine, but really don’t know for sure what happened.. 1300 to 1500 for them this fall and then 400 lease payment on their mothers and the grass to feed the cows all summer.. it adds up.. hope the rest bring a good price to off sets it… but … them as has them can lose them and them as don’t, cain’t! 🙂

We took pipe back to CRS and got salt for the cows and scattered it.. went south to set up the big tank and was reminded I need to fix the mill before it will pump water… we ran the horses in, no sense in them just standing around getting fatter… supposed to go help a neighbor move some cows tomorrow, if he calls and tells me a time to be there..

I hauled more rock in this afternoon and put the new to me dog kennel together this evening.. Molly got into something really stinky so she got a bath tonight.. then I got a shower… we both needed it! 😀

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