It keeps raining along.. not sure how much we’ve had but it’s sure nice and green and muddy! Tate and I and his boys took the horses and Kass followed in this outfit with the rest of the kids and we went and helped Robert and Eric do their late calves the other day. JUst a few of us and not a lot, so we had the kids do the sorting while coaching and backing them up, then had them do most of the roping and holding of calves while we worked them. It was fun and I think the kids really had a good time and learned some stuff. Yesterday, Tate and Chance and Addy Bear rode with me to town. We picked up my new hat,. Chance got measured for one and we got a bunch of stuff for the well at the new house.. we need to get it hooked up so we can get trees planted and be able to water them.. Chance and Hope have been planting tree’s for the NRCS this spring, around this part of the country, when weather permits. Chance has worked a few tree patches for folks, but can’t do it when it’s wet and muddy, so it’s been hit or miss. When it warms up, it’s going to be muggy! And the grass is really going to pop. We had about a half inch in the bucket yesterday morning and then rained while we were gone and looks like better than an inch all together… we need to get the cows moved around and eventually, get them in and sort the calves off and give the cows their breeding shots.. sometime the first part of July we will brand the late bunch. May do it much as we did last time and let the kids do a lot of it. It’s how they learn and a small enough bunch they can take their time and not hurry them. Chance and I have a gig with Brent this Saturday, for a ranches 100 year anniversary. Hope and Chances 10th was the other day.. time sure flies by!

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