Set up portable corrals for branding this morning, tagged some calves, some were too fast and we will haves to catch them with a horse and rope.. took the head off a hydrant, down south, that froze up and broke last winter and replaced it with the one that was leaking behind the house, that we dug up and plugged awhile back.. then this afternoon I made a run to Faith to pick up a check for Chance and Hope and picked up big trees for them and Tate and Kass, that they had on hand.. kids are out planting them now.. I fixed up the new Nord forks for branding.. not sure if I did them right but guess we will find out when we brand! Cindy and I have to run across Wyoming tomorrow for a funeral for her Uncle Cork, who passed away a couple weeks ago.. it will be a quick trip as we need to be back for Gus’s First Communion on Sunday morning… rained on me up at Faith and looks like there is some heading this way… sounds like they have flood warnings out for people up next and in the Hills… rain, I love it!

One of my pet peeves is people who are worried about getting their branding done and not getting rained out.. heck, if it don’t rain, there ain’t no reason to brand them and if it don’t rain there will be no hay to put up. So I just smile and hope for rain.. one year we branded when we gave fall shots.. made some of the crew unhappy to have to rope and stretch out them big calves…. NOT!