Roping fun

Went to Franks and branded today. Gabe ran a calf fork all during the branding and did a great job.. Tate borrowed Pilgrim from men and roped and did good, tho’ he sez he can’t rope… Frank told me to go ahead and rope also, so i put the saddle Tate had been riding on Pard on Beaver and roped on the old fat kid horse.. he still remembers how… then when we got home this afternoon we rode out and pushed the rest of the pairs out of the east pasture and roped and tagged 9 calves who had lost a tag or hadn’t gotten tagged.. Cindy and I have to go across Wyoming on Friday for her Uncle Cork’s funeral service… we went to town last week and got an 08 Caddy and there are more bells and whistles on it than you can shake a stick at.. gets about 30 mph running in the 70’s, looks like…he Nitro is kind of my ranch rig now, tho’ it
s still in good shape.. she can drive it when the roads are bad as the Caddy is just front wheel drive and has them little short 20 inch tires… I was told to switch them over and get regular rims as soon as i can.. guess the gravel roads are hard on them tinny little rims…

Got an inch and a half of rain on Sunday.. more supposed to be coming this week.. supposed to help Lyle move cows to summer pasture tomorrow.. the boys are supposed to get all the stuff and get ready for our branding… we will get back late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.. Gus has First Communion at church this Sunday,. so we don’t want to miss that…

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