Rain is softly falling, not much of a breeze… Cindy and I went to Mud Butte for Mass last night as she wouldn’t her able to go today…then we went to Tate and Kass’s for a birthday party for CC.. we had cake and ice cream on her real birthday, but this one had lots of kids having fun… so this morning is a sleepy day.. I did the dishes, should be cleaning house.. went to check cows in the rain, a new one, still slimy as I tagged him…… he’ll be fine..

I think of tomorrow, Memorial Day… the folks called it Decoration Day.. a day to remember and honor all of those who came before us… whether they were Veterans or just ordinary hero’s… they lived so we could live…. we in time shall go where they go… we hope those still alive after us will remember us and what we have done to better this world… we hope we HAVE bettered this world… in the end, that is really all we can do, love others and try to make this world a better place..