Good clean fun.

When we were in town awhile ago, we bought some used baseball gloves and bat and balls… so this evening, all the grandkid, parents and Tyler and Gramma and I played ball.. sure had fun… the kids were getting the idea by the time we quit.. we need to get a better field than out in front of the house.. too many cars and stuff… but we sure had fun..

Weather has been real nice, not real cold or hot.. we sorted off all the drop bunch and kicked them south.. just getting a few calves now…

Went to a great branding the other day, real good crew, lots of little kids and it went great… one more to go and then ours…

3 thoughts on “Good clean fun.

  1. Kids, Baseball and Branding, what no apple pie? 😉 Sure missing being around for at least some of those brandings. Even if I can’t pick up 2 feet to save my life. LOL Sure wish you were going to be in Santa Barbara in 2 weeks. I got picked to put together some music to play between events. I think the play list will be heavy on Stamey and Dennis.

    1. Wish I could be there too Mike,. but it’s hard to pass up a paying gig.. and it’s a long ways away at a busy time here.. maybe February was better? 😀

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