Looks like we got about 2 or 2 and a half inches of moisture out of this last storm.. good chance for more all thru’ the week and into the weekend… We had a wild night Sunday night… Tyler and I went and checked at 10 and found a cow having a backwards calf, so Chance and I caught a couple horses and brought her in and got him pulled, he was alive.. then we took the calf sled and went to get one who looked chilled down.. evidentlymy horses think the calf sled is a horse eating goblin.. it was kind of wild, but got that calf in and decided we better bring another one in… got him too and ended up with three cows in for 2 calves as we were not sure which was the right one for a mother…noticed another cow starting to calve so we we got her in and decided to leave her for a bit… I went to bed about 1 and Chance woke me at 1:30 to tell me she still had not calved.. so we went out and caught her and Chance tried to run his hand in to see what was going on.. said he couldn’t hardly get his hand in as she wasn’t dilated… so we thought we’d better wait..,Tate was gong to check at 4 so we decided we better notify him of what was going on.. we all decided to leaver her until then and  if she hadn’t calved then, to call a vet.. I went to bed.. Cindy woke me about 5 and said they’d called the vet.. he showed up just as we were leaving for a doctor appointment for her… found out later that she had calved on her own, just before he got there… weird… he said he’d seen it before… this was an old cow and took her about 4 hours after the water bag was showing… I got homes about 9 last night and went to bed.. woke up about 6:30.. guess the boys got a bunch of calves tagged and pairs kicked out.. I need to get together with them and see what their plan is for me to day! 😀 Several bran dings got postponed and people are trying to make new branding dates.. supposed to go to Sheridan for the leather show on Friday… had a young lady ask to apprentice to me thru’ the Arts grant and do leather carving… we got picked and need to go get her some tools and leather and I need to pick up a saddle tree… if we get it done, it will be a rush trip out and back, like usual…

3 thoughts on “Moisture

  1. Isn’t it crazy what they can do when calving? We had one once that was having an upside down breech calf. We didn’t know what to do, so called our favorite vet. Before she could get here the cow started hopping up and down in her stall, quite a process with hind feed right up in the birth canal. By the time the vet got her the calf was born, right side up, and fine. Still breech of course, but the old cow had wide hips and got it out quickly.

  2. Never a dull moment out on the ranch. You are one busy man this spring. Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season ;0)

  3. If it win;’t one thing or another, the ink I will go on vacation, one of these days! 😀

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