It’s wonderful stuff. Praise the Lord! We are getting some and supposed to get more tonight… and into tomorrow! I love it.

Chance and Lori and I made a flying trip to Sheridan and back today.. getting stuff for Lori so she can learn to tool and carve leather… had a great time, spent more than I wanted too.. seems like Sheridan always does that to me!

Supposed to go to two different brandings tomorrow, they have backed off their start times and I hope they rain out. There is still lots of time to get calves worked!

Did I mention I love rain? 😀

One thought on “Rain!

  1. When the raindrops are so few and far in between, I would love them too! I think everyone seems to spend way more than they want when it comes to buying things they need, when they need it for their favorite hobby. (like me and my yarn for weaving 😉 )

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