Boys checked cattle in the night, I got up at daylight and went out, every thing seemed ok, for what we have.. about 6 to 8 inches of snow and some wind out of the north.. I thought the wind was supposed to pick up even worse as the day went along so i took the tractor and went up west with a bale, found pairs, fed them, came home and got another couple bales and took them up and found more and fed them.. they all seem to be doing fine, time will tell… lights have flickered a few times but so far we still have electricity… it’s not the worst spring blizzard i’ve seen.. sure going to make the grass pop when it melts and probably run some waterer into water holes and dams…

2 thoughts on “Snow

    1. Not real bad.. calving related problems had us up most of the night.. vet is on his way, the boys just holds me.. I have to leave and take Cindy to an appointment.

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