Spring in South Dakota

Last week we got some rain.. we were at a branding and got the first bunch done, but didn’t do the second bunch… then the next day we had to wait until afternoon to do another ranch, the next day or so.. we had good weather yesterday, so we did the ranch that was scheduled and then loaded up and did the calves at another ranch after dinner, as they were supposed to go today, but rain and snow were in the forecast… and the weatherman was right! Chance helped gather the second bunch and then went home to help Tate and his two boys gather pairs and get them kicked out north.. then they brought the rest of the pairs and the drop bunch home and put them in a small lot here at the house.. When we got the calves down I left and got home and we all went and moved all the other pairs to the creek… rained in there night and then started to turn to snow about 9 or so.. I just came in a bit ago, we got everything fed and close to or behind protection… wind is out of the northeast at the moment but will switch around to the northwest during the day.. supposed to get up to a foot of snow it looks like and gusts to almost 50 mph durning there night tomorrow night… ah… spring in SD! 😀 Oh well, it’s moisture. We love it!

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